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prueba para poner


Our ideas

We are team that offers different perspectives in order to ensure that what you imagine comes to life.
It does not matter if it is large or intimate, we adjust ourselves to your expectations and turn your day into something very special.

Our business lines

We are not just about decor, we plan and execute your event minute by minute,
with the backing and quality of Rosas Don Eloy.

Weddings and Social Gatherings

We make your social gathering unforgettable, full of magic and creation. You will experience a unique experience, where every detail will stimulate your senses with luxury, class and fantasy.

If what you are looking for is modernity, freshness and simplicity, we are ready to leverage smaller formats or controlled budgets, to make our clients and guests experience a unique moment full of good taste and warmth.


We provide companies with creative solutions in order to recreate any space in sync with the brand and the concept.

We make sure that our events go exactly as established by agreed conditions, which is why we are effective, precise and modern.

Together with our allies we can provide support in public relations, convening and producing corporate events.


Because we know that a bouquet is part of your style and complements the design of your dress, you deserve to have one that is unique and special. It is a gift for you that is why you will enjoy your very own exclusive bouquet, adorned with the most beautiful flowers and quality from Rosas Don Eloy.

And so everything can match, ask for a boutonnière for the groom and his best men, as well as for the flower girls’ headpieces.

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